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Controlling Hazardous Energy (LOTO)

How Comprehensive is Your Lockout/Tagout Program?

When servicing equipment, serious injury or death can occur due to the unintentional release of hazardous energy. Identifying and controlling all hazardous energy sources prior to engaging in maintenance activities is vital to protecting your personnel.

As equipment automation and system complexity increases every year, it is more and more difficult to ensure that workers are properly locking out and tagging equipment.  Many pieces of equipment have multiple sources that must be locked out in the form of mechanical, stored, electrical, thermal, hydraulic, and pneumatic forms of hazardous energy.  It can be overwhelming!

Enforcing proper Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) procedures and training helps to prevent the accidental release of hazardous energy. LOTO programs reduce the number of injuries/fatalities at your facility and helps you avoid some of the most common OSHA citations. Herzig Engineering conducts on-site data collection to identify and photograph all energy isolation points.  We create customized placards and procedures for each piece of equipment to ensure that workers have a step by step understanding of how to isolate all forms of energy.

We also will take a look at your simple and complex LOTO procedures as defined in NFPA 70E.  Often, the greatest risk for workers comes when there are multiple sources of energy, crews, crafts, locations, employers, or disconnecting means.  It is of the utmost importance that clear and defined documentation exists for shift handoffs, prolonged work, or when working with contractors to limit risk to workers.

After comprehensively assessing your LOTO needs, our engineers work to ensure your facility has the appropriate documentation to implement straightforward LOTO procedures. Our creation of thorough and specific hazardous energy control programs and labels focuses on applying the requirements of OSHA — 29 CFR 1910.147, OSHA — 26 CFR 1926.417, NFPA 70E, and ANSI/ASSE Z244 to properly standardize these safeguards and minimize the risk your employees face.

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Key Features Include:

  • Analysis of Energy Isolation Points
  • Review of Current Site Policies
  • Development of LOTO Procedures
  • Straightforward De-Energization Steps
  • Creation of Labels/Tags
  • Hazardous Energy Control Training
  • LOTO Annual Audit Criteria & Process

Don’t let safety happen by accident.

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