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About Hazardous Area Classification

What is a hazardous area?

OSHA defines a hazardous area as a location where flammable liquids, gases, vapors, or combustible dusts exist in sufficient quantities to produce an explosion or fire.  As electrical equipment may provide the ‘spark’ for these types of events, it is important that electrical equipment is properly designed and installed for the facility and installation.  These explosions may present significant and potentially fatal risks to workers and catastrophic equipment and facility damage if not properly addressed.  The industry recognized code for electrical installations in hazardous locations is the NFPA 70 (National Electrical Code) in Articles 500-506.

How can you identify and work safely in these areas?

Hazardous areas are identified by class, division, and zone depending on the types of hazardous material present in that environment.  In 1910.307, OSHA requires that all electrical installations be installed per the National Electrical Code requirements based on the class, group, and operating temperature of that environment.

We offer a code-audit assessment to properly identify and classify these work areas. At the end of our assessment, you will receive an audit report including photographic evidence of deficiencies related to the NEC or other applicable standards.

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Key Features Include:

  • Site Visit to begin Audit
  • Photographic Documentation
  • Final Summary Audit Report Based on the Following Codes:
    • NFPA 70 – National Electrical Code®
    • NFPA 77 – Recommended Practice on Static Electricity
    • NFPA 497 – Recommended Practice for the Classification of Flammable Liquids, Gases, or Vapors and of Hazardous (Classified) Locations for Electrical Installations in Chemical Process Areas
    • NFPA 499 – Recommended Practice for the Classification of Combustible Dusts and of Hazardous (Classified) Locations for Electrical Installations in Chemical
    • OSHA 1910.307 – Hazardous (Classified) Locations

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