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About Our Electrical Safety Training Services

Herzig Engineering offers Electrical Safety Training Courses conducted by one of our experts. Our Engineering Technicians train your company’s management, qualified, and unqualified personnel to be in compliance with your Electrical Safety Program per OSHA’s 29 CFR 1910.332(b)(1). The course can be given at your facility, our facility, or in an online webinar to 150 employees per session. Standards dictate that Electrical Safety Training shall be updated every three years. Documentation of safety training will be provided to meet OSHA requirements.

We offer various electrical safety training options including:

  • 4 Hour Electrical Hazard Awareness Training
  • 8 Hour Qualified Electrical Worker Training
  • 90 Minute Unqualified Electrical Worker Training (Hazard Avoidance)
  • 2 Day Train the Trainer Course
  • LOTO Training
  • We Also Offer Numerous Customizable Safety Training Options per Your Specific Needs!

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Key Features Include:

  • Risk Assessments
  • General Electrical Basics
  • Codes and Standards
  • Proactive Safety Culture
  • Arc Flash Label Interpretation
  • Tools and Meters
  • PPE Selection and Use
  • Electrical Lock-Out / Tag-Out (LOTO)
  • Basic Industrial Controls Safety
  • Electrical Preventative Maintenance
  • Energized versus De-Energized
  • Electrical Hazard Identification
  • Certificate of Completion

Don’t let safety happen by accident.

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