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About Our Electrical Safety Auditing and Reporting

Herzig Engineering is proud to have a staff of experts on electrical safety practices and procedures established by OSHA, NFPA, IEEE, and other applicable codes/standards. One of our Engineers can come on-site and perform Electrical Safety Audits to ensure your staff is implementing safe work practices. These audits will include observing the current safety culture with how workers go about electrical tasks. We will also be checking that appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), tools, and meters are used, as well as reviewing any plans/procedures currently in place.

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Once we have audited the current state of electrical safety at your organization, we will provide feedback in a formal report including our findings and recommendations to improve your policies and procedures. A proactive approach to electrical safety is key to mitigating accidents among your staff. Contact one of our experts today to ensure your facility is up to date on the applicable codes and standards for electrical safety.

Don’t let safety happen by accident.

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